Acupuncture Services on the Sunshine Coast


Acupuncture Process 2 — Chinese Herbal Medicine on Bokarina, QLD
Most people have heard the term “acupuncture” in passing. Some may have even given it some thought or wondered what it’s all about or how it works. Our Sunshine Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic has vast experience in acupuncture techniques and has helped numerous patients with chronic health conditions. Oftentimes, these conditions are ones no one else has been successful in treating our patients.

Don’t save acupuncture as a “last resort.” We can help you with pain, digestive issues, and many forms of emotional or mental disorders. While no treatment helps everyone, ours have helped numerous people even when conventional therapies have failed.

What is Acupuncture?


Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine, which originated in China thousands of years ago.

Acupuncture is a form of natural healing which has the following major benefits:
  • Provides drug-free pain relief
  • Assists in the prevention of disease & illness as well as the maintenance of general well-being
  • Treats the cause as well as the symptoms
  • Holistic approach to illness, linking body, mind & emotions
  • Effectively treats many common ailments
Acupuncture Process 3 — Chinese Herbal Medicine on Bokarina, QLD

How does Acupuncture work?


Acupuncture Tools — Chinese Herbal Medicine on Bokarina, QLD
Acupuncture is based on the ancient Chinese theory of Qi (energy) which flows through channels or meridian pathways running through our body. When the body is in balance, the Qi travels smoothly through the channels in a specific direction or flow pattern.

However, when the Qi is out of balance, it will stagnate or gather in specific points. These are the points where fine, sterile needles are inserted to move, disperse or re-route the Qi thus restoring balance and assisting well-being and good health.

If you’re ready to make your first appointment, give us a call and we’re happy to go over the next steps. We can’t wait to see you!